See those people out there… way, way out there… way out away from here… way out in the far center?

          Those people are the few people who realize how important the Constitution is. Why? Because the Constitution is the rule book.

          Imagine playing Monopoly or chess without using the rule book… with every player just making up his own rules or every player playing by the same rules that are not the rules for the game they are playing.


          This is the conditions we have in America in the 20th and 21st centuries. No, it didn’t start in these centuries, but it has intensified so that lives are being ruined at an increasing pace.

          “Life, liberty and property” is being violated at such a frenzied rate that people who actually read the founding documents of this country are sent into shock and dumbfoundedness at the contrast between what was intended and what has come to be.

          Have we been ruled by morons or cheaters?

          Income taxes, property taxes, estate taxes… what do they have to do with a country founded on the rights of life, liberty and property?


          They are direct violations of these rights.
          For more details read “Taxtortion: The Difference Between Taxes and Extortion” by Rick Majors. Available soon at Amazon and