The Unconstitutional Exchange of Sovereignties

In this knucklehead time we live in something is going on which most people are not aware of.

The federal government has no jurisdiction nor sovereignty over State lands. Constitution Article 1.8.17 says that the total jurisdiction of the feds is the District of Columbia… and even that is only by permission of the States of Maryland and Virginia, and only for the legitimate operation of the federal government.

In other words there are no national forests, national parks, federal buildings, etc. unless by constitutional legislation, amendments, etc. because those are State lands for State administration.

Meanwhile we have the States (through their counties) extorting the citizens with “property tax”tortion. They are completely ignoring the fact that those lands were secured through treaties and when purchased by people are land-patented-allodial-fee-simple (not taxable). Land-patent-fee-simple means total ownership not taxable, just like your body. The “fee” in “fee simple” comes from “fief” or “royal, total absolute ownership”. In this country the people are the royalty.

The U.S. was founded on the principle that “life, liberty and property” are human rights. Human rights are not taxable (or take-able). Property “taxes” are therefore illegitimate. States are required to fund themselves with indirect sales and excise taxes as described in the Constitution, never direct taxes on property. States themselves are to pay apportioned direct taxes to the federal government to fund federal functions. The people only pay indirect sales and excises to their State, nothing but federal excises to the feds (like automobile tire excises which are built into the price).


…the States are violating the federal jurisdiction over treaty law and land patents and the feds are violating the States’ lands by claiming jurisdiction over State forests, parks and other real estate.

We have a major set of violation problems, folks! This is what happens when multiple generations of citizens cede their responsibility to eternal vigilance by electing crooks and ignoramuses to office.

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