Fake taxes are called Taxtortion because they are extortion posing as a tax. So what is extortion posing as a fine? Tixtortion. Extortion posing as a ticket.
          When you are pulled over on the highway and written up for anything other than reckless driving what is it called? 


          Ticket extortion. Performed by people who are supposed to know better.

          Reckless driving can be a danger to others, but what is a “California stop”? Normal behavior. The average 3000 lb vehicle will surge forward even after a complete stop. Why? Because it sits on top of springs. Momentum keeps it moving. When it moves at inches per hour it is not going to hurt anyone. But the extortionists call it a violation of their code.

          They conveniently never mention that their code is a commercial code only for commercial drivers driving commercial vehicles only in commerce, so it doesn’t apply to you anyway. Why? Because you are the people they work FOR. You should always go to court to fight such tickets. You should always point out to the judge that you are not a commercial driver driving commercially and that those laws do not “apply to me as a citizen.”

          The public owns the roads. Commerce uses the roads to make a living. Their businesses are enabled by a free country. The road taxes and gas taxes fund that country’s government… which is supposed to protect those freedoms.

          By the way, if you have a malfunctioning light or other minor event why would they not just warn you? You are their boss. They work for you. How can they justify extorting time, inconvenience and money from you with a ticket/citation/tixtortion/Notice to Appear? They cannot. But they don’t care. Why do they not care? Because they don’t have to, if you don’t hold the politicians liable for such evil policies. 

          The office-holding politicians are the ones who have enabled this evil. Why do you not complain to them? Because they do nothing? Gang up on them with your neighbors. They must respond. Recall them if they don’t. File charges. The higher laws prohibit their behavior. Make them as miserable as they make you. 

          It is only right.

How to Recognize Inflation

This is a true story.
          My first full time job was as a display builder at the Montgomery Ward department store at Del Amo Fashion Square in Torrance, California. This was 1970. The main competition for Ward’s in the USA was Sears, which was a larger company. There was a Sears across the street from our store. 

          There was a rumor that came up. I heard it. It was said that this was the most prosperous Sears in America and the general manager made an incredible $50,000 a year! Remember that the minimum wage at the time was $1.25 an hour. People shook their heads in amazement that someone could make such a huge salary.

          Jump ahead 50 years and $50,000 can barely enable a family to survive.

          That is how inflation works. The Federal Reserve and the politicians have printed so much fiat money during those years that the money supply has diluted the value of the dollar to less than 25% of what it was in 1970.

          They have done this in order to provide FSGs to buy voters with. “Benefits” is the name of the game.
(FSGs = Free Stolen Goodies)