These terms started in the late 18th century when the French parliament seating arrangements were for democrats and socialists to sit on the left and monarchists to sit on the right. These terms actually do not apply in any way to the USA because we have never had a king or monarchy of any kind. We were founded expressly on the rejection of monarchy.

          So when people today assign the term leftist or left-wing to Democrats it still applies because people in that party are believers in democracy, socialism and even communism. However when the Republicans are referred to as right-wingers that is totally false because no one in that party wants a king or queen, but rather range from mild socialist/democrats to mercantilist/corporatist to libertarian/ conservative/constitutionist. 

          That’s why I call my blog “Notes from the Far Center”. I am a Jefferson libertarian centrist constitution-restorationist. I simply want my human rights to not be violated. 

          The country is now so far off to the left of its founding that I see myself way, way out on the far center. There are no right-wing monarchists at all even though many left-wingers seem to want a king like Obama or queen like Hillary. They want a usurper who will break the rules in the rule book known as the Constitution of the U.S., while claiming to want a democracy (which is really just mob rule).

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