Why Was Nothing Done?

Income tax is a complete fraud. The income tax came with a number of unlawful unconstitutional shenanigans called the Bailey Bill and the never lawfully ratified 16th Amendment and a crooked secretary of state named Philander Knox.

       The income tax was instituted after 1913 under Pres. Woodrow Wilson. So why did Pres. Calvin Coolidge not get rid of it from 1923-1929? Coolidge was very libertarian in philosophy, policy and practice. He would never approve of the present version of such “taxtortion” (extortion masquerading as a tax). 

       The answer is not just in the laws but in their implementation. Before collection policy changed, the income tax affected few Americans. Indeed most had never even heard of it. In the 1940s withholding from paychecks (called the “WWII Victory Tax”) and accelerated rates in the 1950s started the invasive nature of the present times. With a maximum rate of 90% came complex right-offs making the paperwork mess we all know.

       Lying by politicians and the IRS bureaucracy fooled Americans into thinking they were liable for paying federal income taxes. The lie became so pervasive that more and more States created State versions of the federal income tax too. All State income taxes pivot upon the federal version. They are dependent on the contractual terms of the federal version and with some States a flat percentage of the federal take is their rate.

       During the 20s the knowledge of the actual laws and their intent was still somewhat pervasive. That knowledge told most people that income tax would never affect them personally because the “tax” was “only on the rich”. Even among the rich there was little concern because it was known that the law applies the tax only to “nonresident aliens…foreign corporations…foreign organizations” (Title 26 Subtitle A is still the law)

       As time went on the public forgot these details and were constantly massaged by the propaganda to “pay your fair share” never responding that “my fair share is zero”. This hypnosis still goes on full strength.