You Keep Signing Up

       When was the last time you filled out a form and signed it claiming to be a “Citizen of the United States”?

       When you claim to be a Citizen of the United States you no longer claim to be a citizen of the several States. You have now signed away all of your rights and are under the plenary powers of Congress. They will make all your decisions. 
       Your rights have been replaced in return for “benefits” provided by your masters in Congress under the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments.
       The 14th created a fiction-in-law Citizen of the United States. The 16th took your rights to life, liberty and property. The 17th stripped the several States of their representation in the Senate. The 14th Amendment was a ruse to con you out of your rights. It was posed as an amendment to give freedom to former slaves but the 13th Amendment had already done that. The ruse was to drop in the phrase “citizens of the United States” which is a legal term for those who have signed away their rights, rather than use the proper constitutional phrase “citizen of the several States”. (as used in the preamble to the Bill of Rights and elsewhere)
       The only purpose of a form is to lose rights. Think about it. When you fill out a form, any form, you sign away your right to something. There is no other purpose to a form. Think about it. Where are you when you fill out a form? A government office, doctor’s office, car dealership… they all want you to agree to a transfer of your choices to them.
       Think about it logically. Who are the citizens of a federal government? The people? No. A federal government is made up of countries also known as States. Therefore the citizens of the federal government are its States, not people. The people are citizens of the member states. 
       You are a citizen of California. You are not a citizen of the United States. You are also not a citizen of the “State of California” because that is a corporate fiction-in-law put in place for its officers and employees to be held harmless-in-law. You are a citizen of Kansas not the State of Kansas.
       Be very, very careful what you sign.