What is Citizenship?

I was in a meeting recently where the speaker asked “how many of you are a citizen of the United States?” Everyone answered “yes”, but they were all wrong. You cannot be a citizen of the United States because the United States is a contract among the States, not a country. You are a human, not a State.

The States are contractual citizens of the federal government known as the United States. Your citizenship resides in one of the countries known as the States. In 1776 the individual colonies became the “several States” which became the federation named the “united States”. 

The States were federated into a limited-purpose federal government. Human beings can not be federated. Therefore the citizens of the federal government are the States.
Virginia and Connecticut are States which joined this federation. Quebec and Mexico are states which did not. The several States which joined together in federal citizenship pledged to support each other in independence from England. They were citizens of the new federal government. 

The people were citizens of their States (or countries). Their States were citizens of the united States also referred to as the United States of America.

This federation was for limited purposes only, leaving the States and people free to make most decisions of, by and for themselves, the people.

Value and Transfer

Money is the medium for transfer of value from one place to another. There are many different ways to transfer value. The federal politicians transfer the value of your work to the Federal Reserve. The Fed takes a percentage of it for themselves then sells the paper money to the Treasury of the U.S. They bill Congress through the Treasury every time they print. This makes for permanent debt.

When the Congress creates deficit budgets every year they steal value out of your money. By printing or digitizing more money in the federal money supply than the value that was actually there, they devalue the dollar and inflate the money supply. This is called inflation even though the dollar is deflated. When the money supply (M1) is inflated the dollar is deflated ($). This is because the value in the economy is relatively stable but the money supply increases.

It is as if there were only one dollar bill in the world and that dollar represented a candy bar’s value. Then the Fed prints another dollar into the money supply so now your dollar is suddenly worth only half a candy bar.

The difference is that the amounts are actually in the billions and trillions.
Another difference is that the additional paper dollars are “eased” into the money supply over time, so that the value change is not so quickly noticed. This is called “quantitative easing” by economists. It is called “highway robbery” by those who are aware.

The Supreme Court


The oath of office requires upholding the Constitution. The Constitution and the laws are never to be interpreted. The case is interpreted, not the Constitution. The Constitution was written so that an 18th century farmer could understand it. There is no excuse for a supreme court justice to not understand it. The Constitution is to be applied to the case, not interpreted.

The job description requires someone who will be honest in keeping their own politics out of their decisions. Their job is to apply the Constitution’s standards to the case, not give out a personal opinion or preference.

A justice MUST be honest. Saying “on means off” or “dead means alive” is not acceptable. The reward for such behavior needs to be immediate impeachment.

When some justices are called “conservative”, “originalist” or “strict constructionist” that merely acknowledges that they are honest and NOT chiselers to some degree. That is because their oath requires them to uphold the Constitution, not change it or pretend it changed itself.

Liberal, leftist or adherents of a “living constitution” are by definition NOT honest, because they are not upholding the actual Constitution. A constitution is a contract just like a mortgage contract. How far do you think you would get pretending your home mortgage is living and breathing?

The States created the Constitution. The Constitution created the federal government. Any power not given to the federal government in the Constitution does not exist. You can pretend along with some politicians that it exists, but it does NOT exist. The Constitution can be changed by 4/5 of the States with amendments.

All lower laws must comply with higher laws. All laws must comply with the Constitution. No law can be deemed or proclaimed by a politician. They must be passed by Congress and legislatures.

A judge at any governmental level MUST be honest. Judges must interpret a case by the Constitution and other applicable lower laws, no other way.

When the Court claims you have “no standing” they are claiming you have no authority to be heard by the Court. Every State has total standing despite what the Court may say because the States created the court in the Constitution. Hearing the States is the number one duty of the Court. When the Court says a State has no standing they are weaseling out of their primary duty.