ANCHOR BABIES: There’s No Such Thing

Citizenship has to do with natural allegiances. “Natural” and “native” are terms used in national and international law regarding citizenship. Citizenship allegiance is tied to the land where one’s parents are from. A “natural-born citizen” refers to biological birth, not geographical birth. “Native-born” refers to geographical allegiance. If a person becomes naturalized he goes through a lawful change of allegiance from one country to another. If a child is born after the parent is naturalized the new allegiance applies to the child as well.

If an invader gives birth during an invasion no allegiances change for the child anymore than for the invader. The child is tied to the parent by familial bonds. The citizenship does not change by waiting long enough. There is no time limit on prosecution. Though it may not be considered a heinous crime it is still a crime to invade what is not your own home. A country is a home.
At no time or place in history was invasion considered a legitimate form of citizenship. There was either a first time occupation of land, war or treaties with other parties making claims.
Although the U.S. government has been negligent at best and treasonous at worst regarding defense of its international borders, the primary guilt still resides with the direct perpetrators, the invaders. The invasion has been to the tune of 30-40 million. If they had been wearing military uniforms instead of coming dressed as civilians do you think government would notice?
This is treachery to the owners of the country, the people. It does damage to them by stealing from them their resources to conduct their lives without being undermined with crowding, extra costs, job losses, dilution of resources, undermining of wages, etc. All the unpleasant thing that would not be there normally. It also does damage to the invaders’ country by taking pressure off their government to deal with its problems rather than sluff those problems off onto the U.S.A. and its tax payers.
The job market gets undermined. When the lowest wages get lowered even more the entire wage scale gets pulled down because there are more and more people who will do-it-for-less just to have a job at all.

Hierarchy in the Laws


There is a hierarchy in the laws.

First is the Creator of the universe. (whether you believe or not)
He created mankind with natural inalienable rights.

Human rights are the only settled law.

Then came the States and their jurisdiction who created the U.S. Constitution and its jurisdiction.

Then came the lower laws and statutes, which may not violate the higher laws or they are null and void at inception.

People must demand this order. Government always tends toward violating this order. Why? Because people tend toward corruption as they try to increase their dominance, power and paychecks.

The Supreme Court


The oath of office requires upholding the Constitution. The Constitution and the laws are never to be interpreted. The case is interpreted, not the Constitution. The Constitution was written so that an 18th century farmer could understand it. There is no excuse for a supreme court justice to not understand it. The Constitution is to be applied to the case, not interpreted.

The job description requires someone who will be honest in keeping their own politics out of their decisions. Their job is to apply the Constitution’s standards to the case, not give out a personal opinion or preference.

A justice MUST be honest. Saying “on means off” or “dead means alive” is not acceptable. The reward for such behavior needs to be immediate impeachment.

When some justices are called “conservative”, “originalist” or “strict constructionist” that merely acknowledges that they are honest and NOT chiselers to some degree. That is because their oath requires them to uphold the Constitution, not change it or pretend it changed itself.

Liberal, leftist or adherents of a “living constitution” are by definition NOT honest, because they are not upholding the actual Constitution. A constitution is a contract just like a mortgage contract. How far do you think you would get pretending your home mortgage is living and breathing?

The States created the Constitution. The Constitution created the federal government. Any power not given to the federal government in the Constitution does not exist. You can pretend along with some politicians that it exists, but it does NOT exist. The Constitution can be changed by 4/5 of the States with amendments.

All lower laws must comply with higher laws. All laws must comply with the Constitution. No law can be deemed or proclaimed by a politician. They must be passed by Congress and legislatures.

A judge at any governmental level MUST be honest. Judges must interpret a case by the Constitution and other applicable lower laws, no other way.

Sanctuary Sabotage Cities

These cities are acting treasonous. They argue that they won’t “enforce” federal immigration law. No one is requiring them to enforce, just to cooperate. They aren’t being required to hunt down illegal aliens, they are required to just turn them over when they have them in their hands anyway from an arrest or conviction. Cities are corporate agencies created by States. States are members of the federal union who created the federal jurisdiction to manage immigration policies. To have an agency of the State subvert the State’s own creation makes no sense.

Another issue arises with the attorney general’s threat to withhold “federal funds” to cities. Federal funds are not supposed to come back to cities in the first place. All federal funds are to be raised by the States and only used for federal jurisdiction purposes. No meddling in domestic policy is allowed in the U.S. Constitution which is a contract with the States.

Federal funds being used for bribery of cities is a stunt from 20th Century political corruption. Using a holdback of federal funds now is a temporary stopgap measure only because it is the situation we are in (created by years of law violating politicians).

The appropriate response to city officials undermining federal immigration policy is for officials to be individually charged with conspiracy to sabotage legitimate federal jurisdiction. Cities have no immigration jurisdiction. States only have it if the feds shirk their duty.

A typical charge could be for “knowingly harboring an illegal border violator”, or whatever wording they would use.

MONEY : Value and Transfer

Money is the medium for transfer of value from one place to another. There are many different ways to transfer value. The federal politicians transfer the value of your work to the Federal Reserve. The Fed takes a percentage of it for themselves then sells the paper money to the U.S. Treasury. They bill Congress through the Treasury every time they print. They take a percentage. This makes for permanent debt.

       When the Congress creates deficit budgets every year they steal value out of your money. By printing or digitizing more money in the federal money supply than the value that was actually there, they devalue the dollar and inflate the money supply. This is called inflation even though the dollar is deflated. When the money supply (M1) is inflated the dollar is deflated ($). This is because the value in the economy is relatively stable but the money supply increases.

       It is as if there were only one dollar bill in the world and that dollar represented a candy bar’s value. Then the Fed prints another dollar into the money supply so now your dollar is suddenly worth only half a candy bar. 

       The difference is that the amounts are actually in the billions and trillions.        

       Another difference is that the additional paper dollars are “eased” into the money supply over time, so that the value change is not so quickly noticed. This is called “quantitative easing” by economists. It is called “highway robbery” by those who are aware.

Why Was Nothing Done?

Income tax is a complete fraud. The income tax came with a number of unlawful unconstitutional shenanigans called the Bailey Bill and the never lawfully ratified 16th Amendment and a crooked secretary of state named Philander Knox.

       The income tax was instituted after 1913 under Pres. Woodrow Wilson. So why did Pres. Calvin Coolidge not get rid of it from 1923-1929? Coolidge was very libertarian in philosophy, policy and practice. He would never approve of the present version of such “taxtortion” (extortion masquerading as a tax). 

       The answer is not just in the laws but in their implementation. Before collection policy changed, the income tax affected few Americans. Indeed most had never even heard of it. In the 1940s withholding from paychecks (called the “WWII Victory Tax”) and accelerated rates in the 1950s started the invasive nature of the present times. With a maximum rate of 90% came complex right-offs making the paperwork mess we all know.

       Lying by politicians and the IRS bureaucracy fooled Americans into thinking they were liable for paying federal income taxes. The lie became so pervasive that more and more States created State versions of the federal income tax too. All State income taxes pivot upon the federal version. They are dependent on the contractual terms of the federal version and with some States a flat percentage of the federal take is their rate.

       During the 20s the knowledge of the actual laws and their intent was still somewhat pervasive. That knowledge told most people that income tax would never affect them personally because the “tax” was “only on the rich”. Even among the rich there was little concern because it was known that the law applies the tax only to “nonresident aliens…foreign corporations…foreign organizations” (Title 26 Subtitle A is still the law)

       As time went on the public forgot these details and were constantly massaged by the propaganda to “pay your fair share” never responding that “my fair share is zero”. This hypnosis still goes on full strength.

What is Automobile Registration For?


What is automobile registration for?       Under the Constitution the only possible reason is to keep a public record to prove ownership.

So why do they send me a new demand every year? Are they so incompetent as to lose it every year? What is so hard about keeping a record of ownership on a piece of paper in a file drawer? Do they lose the file cabinet? Do they lose the whole Department of Motor Vehicles? Every year?

Does it cost hundreds of dollars to keep a piece of paper in a file cabinet indefinitely? Why do they have to bill you every year? What does it cost to keep the form in the file cabinet every year and not remove it? Fifty cents? One dollar? If ownership transfers don’t they think the new owner will let them know when ownership transfers? How about the previous owner? Are they afraid we will keep secrets from them?

Exactly what is automobile registration about? Highways are paid for through gasoline taxes as they should be. If they are not, then raise the rate 1/10 of a percent. The more someone uses the public highways the more they pay by buying more gas. They automatically pay their usage of the roads. There aren’t enough electric cars around yet to affect that system. When there are then a surcharge on batteries or recharging will take care of that problem.

So it can’t be legitimate to add fees onto the registration.

Registration fees aren’t fees. They are not taxes. They are extortion. They are property theft.

I Am the USA

Hello, my name is the united States of America. I was born in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. When I turned 11 I became a young adult with the Constitution (1787). Two years later I bought my first life insurance policy with the Bill of Rights (1789).
When I was exactly 50 years old on July 4, 1826 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both presidents and both key figures in the founding, died. Five years later another founder, President James Monroe also died on July 4, 1831. No other president has died on that day since. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.
As the founders faded away, human nature being what it is, the succeeding generations wavered and departed from the founding principles in many ways. (Read the Old Testament for a parallel history). They wouldn’t have gotten away with it if anyone in the public had still exercised eternal vigilance.
By the 1840s I was getting more adventurous and got into wars with neighbors. By the 1860s I was at war with my own southern States. By the time I was 78 the war was declared over, but the federal government slowly declared war on the people, taking powers it was never given by the Constitution, its rule book. In 1863 Lincoln declared slavery on some people to be over but only 50 years later in 1913 slavery was declared open season on everyone with the 16th Amendment.
In the late 1860s and 70s I split in two: my original self, the organic united States and a new corporate “United States of America”. Under the original organic united States people are citizens of their State and protected by the Bill of Rights. Under the new corporate United States people, when they sign up, are Citizens of the United States, a corporate entity, claiming to be a “Citizen of the United States”, whereby they have no rights until deemed by Congress.
When I turned 137 in 1913 I became completely senile and apostate, tearing apart my constitution-contract with the States and the people. The 16th and 17th amendments were deemed to be passed, violating the mandate that they must be ratified by the States to be passed.
By the 1930s the rule book was mostly thrown out with willy nilly new bureaucracies and drunken spending. This craziness continued off and on until I was over 200 years old, with various administrations and congresses pretending along with the people that everything was alright.
As I approach one quarter of a millennium of years in age most people are still pretending, but there is an ominous feeling among the populace that something is desperately wrong if we keep violating the rule book we were given.
After all, that rule book was designed from the history of human nature.

Constitution: Strict Construction, etc.

The U.S. Constitution: Strict Constructionism, Originalism, Living Document, etc.
The U.S. Constitution is in the same category as the Mayflower Compact, the Magna Carta, your home mortgage, etc. It is a contract. It is a contract between the States which created it on behalf of their people. Constitutions, compacts and charters are all contracts between two or more parties. They are not ambiguous, floating, living documents, but exactly specific agreements precisely written with ink on paper that cannot change until renegotiated and replaced or amended by consent of the principle parties.

The idea that a contract’s meaning is fuzzy is bound to be contested by one or more of those parties.

The sacred oath of a Supreme Court justice states that “I faithfully swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States.” It is implicit that this oath means that the principles exhibited by the Constitution at the time of its writing will never be changed. That is because technology changes continually, but principles never change. The principles came from the time-tested Judeo-Christian culture and agreed upon by a wide swath of sectarians from the religiously conservative to deists, agnostics and even atheists, who agreed it was the best.

When technology changes over time new subjects are addressed. The contract may be amended to deal with those subjects. The amendment must still uphold the same principles. Since amending is a change in the highest law of the land, it is inherently dangerous. This is why only the States (who authored the document) may amend it, and only by a 3/4 majority. This is a slow process which takes much time in order to take care.

The Constitution must never be “interpreted”. It is the court case which is to be interpreted in light of the Constitution. This is because the Constitution is so simple and clear that it was written for uneducated, non-reading 18th century farmers to understand. It doesn’t need interpreting. It needs applying.

A liberal interpretation of the Constitution is based on either ignorance or deceit. Since an ignoramus has no place on the bench, the default is to assume deceit. Deceivers have come up with various terms to perpetuate their deceit. “Strict construction” is a term used to describe an honest application as if it were paleolithic. “Originalism” implies that there is honor in non-originalism. “A living document” speaks to the thought that maybe day-is-really-night and maybe on-is-really-off.

How long do you think you would keep your house if you claimed to have a living mortgage contract when the loan company is about to foreclose? The Constitution doesn’t live when it is cheated, it dies. It changes only when amended without violating its principles.

The Constitution is supposed to be applied to the cases heard by the court. All courts, including the Supreme Court, merely issue their opinions. They have no such power to make laws or enforce laws. That is up to Congress and the President using or ignoring those court opinions to justify their actions.

Justice depends on each branch of the federal government knowing its duties and performing its duties. This results in a proper balance of powers to achieve the best possible results. All branches, but especially the courts, must be rooted in honesty not deceit.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” -John Adams

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” -Ben Franklin


Jefferson: What You May Not Have Known

For Founding Father of the Month

What you may not have known.
Tom’s dad Peter Jefferson, was a preeminent surveyor and had been the first to survey western Virginia, Kentucky and all the way over to the Ohio River. This was wilderness and very rugged, dangerous country at that time.
Tom’s dad died when Tom was only 14 years old. So, as eldest son, he had to take over as head of household, despite the fact he was a young teenager. He had six sisters and one younger brother plus his mother to take care of. Not to mention running several plantations at the same time, and getting himself educated.
His father left enough money for him to send himself to the law school at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. He studied under George Wythe, who became a lifelong friend, mentor and who also served in the founding of the USA.
Tom ran for office for the first time in his 20s to be a burgess (representative) in the Virginia House of Burgesses. The first bill he submitted was to end slavery! It was soundly defeated, teaching him a lifelong lesson in politics vs logic.
Despite owning plantations, Tom was tormented by financial difficulties his whole life. His lands were not the best for growing and the weather often failed as well. The best cash crop was tobacco, but Tom despised it for moral reasons. He also tried to get his fellow Americans to quit hard liquor in favor of low alcohol wines but Virginia was not able to produce wines well. 
There is a popular myth among authors that he was a spendthrift by purchasing extravagantly on books, wines and furniture. The facts though show up in his voluminous records. His crops failed often. He took on his father-in-law’s debts upon his death. He was also extremely generous. His house was continuously full of extended family, friends and guests. When family or friends were in deep debt he would help them by taking on all or part of their debt.
He was burgess, representative, ambassador, governor, president and university chancellor, but his fondest projects were in educating his fellow citizens to the responsibility to defend liberty.
He would not appreciate being called a rebel. To him the English king and parliament had been the rebels by defying their contractual obligations to America.
Tom spent his last five years designing and building the University of Virginia. To this day you can stand at his grave at Monticello and look down and see the university in Charlottesville. He wrote his own epitaph which does not mention his being governor or president: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, Of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia.”
Of the lands his father left him, his favorite was the mountain he named Monticello. He and his friend Dabney Carr played under a tree there. They both agreed whoever died first would be buried under that tree by the other. Dabney died young. Tom kept his promise. Tom and his wife are also there today. Tom’s sister Martha married Dabney. Their children made the friends become family.
Jefferson was not a great speaker, but his written words changed human history for most of three centuries, especially this phrase from the Declaration: ” …Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed.”… a thought that had been alien to most of human history.